Amy Roberts

Founder and Owner


    Amy, owner of Out of the Box Moves, understands the reality of what goes into a move, it can be emotional, stressful and overwhelming.  With over 19 years of experience working in the senior industry, Amy understands all aspects of transitioning from a life long home to a new residence. While working as a marketing director for a retirement community, she realized there were ways to make the transition process more efficient and caring. That is how Out of the Box Moves was born!

    She formed a team of caring professionals that can handle all aspects of the emotional and physical stresses of moving…and offered this team to everybody (not just seniors). The moving process has become a source of adrenaline for Amy. Each move provides different challenges and fulfillments.

    She is a proud graduate of University of Maine and lives in Belmont with her husband and two children. When she isn’t helping your moving process she enjoys skiing, hiking and biking at their home in Vermont.


    Fran Dale

    Operations Manager


      Fran’s 25 years of business experience in senior corporate positions, involving project management, strategic planning and problem solving has made her well-suited to being our Operations Manager. She and Amy have worked together for almost 12 years and share the same perspectives and goals. Fran is client-focused with a determination to ensure that all of the moves are well-planned, down to the tiniest detail, and that all of our clients are properly and happily settled in to their new home.



      kelley Kokoros

      Office Manager


        I graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a Bachelor of Science degree in business.

        My favorite part about working for Out of The Box Moves is hearing the joy and relief from clients once they have gone through the move process and are settled in their new home.  Knowing that I played a part in helping ease the stress and anxiety of clients going through a major transition in their lives is very rewarding.

        I live in Belmont with my husband and 3 children.  In my free time, I enjoy reading, yoga, taking trips with my family, and summer weekends at the Cape.

        Natalie Doyle

        Move Manager


          I’m from a large family originally from Newton; and received my Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, from Roger Williams University. 

          I live in Sherborn, MA with my husband and four children. 

          My favorite part about working for OOTBM is getting to know our clients, and learning about their personalities, careers, interests and hobbies.  

          I have a passion for space planning and design; so I love to assist our clients in designing their new homes into a well organized, functional space that reflects their personalities and showcases their treasures


          Maureen Bernsee

          Move Manager


            I find it very rewarding to provide practical and emotional support to clients as they go through the transitions involved in a move.  Clients’ pleasure and relief when they see their new home complete with their familiar and meaningful belongings is one of my favorite parts of the job.

            I studied Psychology at Colgate University and received a master’s degree in Nursing from the MGH Institute of Health Professions.  My prior professional background, as well as personal experience with my own home sales and moves and with helping family members with downsizing, has informed my work with OOTBM.

            Paula Connelly

            Move Manager


              With a background in Interior Design and Customer Service, I enjoy applying my knowledge and organizational skills to accommodate my clients needs. Listening to the client and learning more about their lifestyle is the best way of leaving a client happy in a new surrounding that I have created for them.

              Karin Dussault

              Move Manager


                I have been working as a move manager for 10+ years and love to see our clients smiling on moving day. Whether it be downsizing, moving, staging or just helping organize, I like to see the clients needs met and help take some of their stress away. I live in Wayland and like to spend my free time with my family skiing, traveling and doing yoga.



                Carla Finn

                Move Manager


                  One of the main reasons I like working with OOTBM is all the wonderful clients and the diversity of our jobs.  I enjoy every phase of our work whether it be staging, decluttering and packing and settling in.  I also enjoy getting to know our clients and being able to help them move forward in their lives, both emotionally and physically.

                  Cynthia Athy

                  Move Manager


                    I live in Holliston with my husband and four children.

                    I feel very fortunate to have pursued my passion to care for people by staying home for 17 years to raise and care for my children.  As their independence grew, my passion to care for people was once again fulfilled with the opportunity to join the OOTBM team.  I am most passionate about listening to people and making a difference in their lives. I enjoy comforting our clients through, what can be felt as an overwhelming process, while we recreate their homes into a new right sized manageable space that reflects them.


                    Elisa O’Connor

                    Move Manager


                      I have spent the past 20+ years as an Occupational Therapist working with seniors in retirement communities. It is always rewarding to see people return to their homes or relocate to an environment that is comfortable for them. Working for OOTBM allows me to assist people in that journey.  Helping people downsize but still recreate a comfortable home with their belongings is one of the wonderful benefits of working as a move manager. I live in Melrose, MA with my husband and three children.  I am involved in our community, sports programs and continue to work per diem as an Occupational Therapist.


                      Maureen Frohne

                      Move Manager


                        I enjoy working with OOTBM because there are so many different parts of the job. I get to meet so many nice people and hear their stories through the moving process. It is a great feeling when the client walks in their new home after we have unpacked their belongings and set everything up. I live in Belmont with my three children. I enjoy going to the beach, traveling with my kids and watching them play sports.